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Portable Wand Sanitizer

With the push of a button and a sweep of the wand, you can sanitize and sterilize items within 10 to 20 seconds. Our wand sanitizer has an anti-germ rate of 99.99%, is nontoxic, produces no residue, no odor, and no secondary pollution. Our wand's compact design, carrying case, and USB rechargeable battery makes this product perfect for traveling or home use.

Our products are FCC, CE, ROHS, EPA Certified and approved.

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Kills Germs &


High Precision
UVC Light


Mobile Wireless
Fast Charger

& Portable


I’m so happy with this product. I put it at my house entrance to easily disinfect my phone, wallet and keys. Added drops of lavender and the aroma function gives a sense of cleanness. it's great.

The wand sanitizer came out at the perfect time. I use it to sterilize all items and clothes when I get home after buying groceries. Makes me feel so much better about germs and bacteria.

This is a great idea of a device that I’m using now with all the germ phobia. This does exactly as it promises, makes the surface I run it over cleaned and germfree. What a genius idea!